Tourists Turn to Tanning Booths Amidst Chilly Weather

​Tourists may be taunting locals' dramatic reaction to the recent chilly weather, especially if they're from a part of the country where it really is below freezing now. But no matter where you're from, it's been a little too cold and windy to put on your swimsuit, slather on the lotion and sit on the beach with a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

So tourists who boasted to their friends they'd come back with a killer tan are heading to tanning salons, according to Local 10.

"We're slammed. We're open 24 hours and we're seeing 80 to 100 people a day. They're running out of the cold," said Sari Ploshnich, owner of Boca Tanning in Miami Beach.

Ploshnich said that as temperatures plummet, business has doubled.

"A lot of tourists are buying week-long passes. They can't go home pale," Ploshnich said.

Really? It's not like after they head back to the North East or wherever anyone's going to be able to see that tan under their layers of winter clothes anyway. Though, I guess they're lucky that tanning tax hasn't kicked in yet.

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