Nope, Sexy Joe The Plumber didn't make our list either.

Top 10 Sexy Political Halloween Costumes That Aren't Sarah Palin

Coconut Grove is sexy Halloween costume capital of the world. Thousands of sexy, young college co-eds and other assorted babe-ellania take the opportunity to wear lingerie in public and throw on some cat ears or a police cap and call it a costume, but with only three days separating All Hallow's Eve and Election Day many get-ups are sure to take a turn for the political. Suggestive Sarah Palin costumes are sure to be plentiful, but for the girls who value originality but still want to bring a topical edge to their costumes may we suggest the following sexually tinged disguises.

10. The Naughty Poll Worker

Put a ballot box over your, um, box, and encourage strangers to stuff it.

9. The Wild 'n' Crazy Backwards B-Faced Girl

Is it really okay to make light of someone who clearly has a few mental problems? Serial killers are always a popular costume, and they have some psychological issues. Be an equal opportunity wacko offender, and for extra sexy effect scrawl some double backwards B's on your double D's.

8. The Hot Republican Zombie

Zombies are a popular costume no matter what the year, but make it a political statement by dressing up as a clueless drone who repeats GOP talking point without question. Basically, just go as Elizabeth Hesselbeck.

7. McCain Twins Gone Wild

As far as 96 year-olds go John McCain's mother Roberta is a stone cold fox, but did you know she has an identical twin sister? So coordiante with your bff because MEN. LOVE. TWINS. Just ask Hugh Hefner.

6. Busty Lesbian Brides

Amendment 2 may be one of the most important issues on Florida's ballot, so what better way to show your "No on 2" support? Girls don't say yes to boys who say yes on 2.

5. Risque Elephant or Donkey

Bestiality is a hot topic in the office lately. How fun! While we'd never encourage furry-ism, we'll make an exception for Halloween. Democrats: Encourage people to pin the tail on your donkey. Republicans: Ummm, good luck with that.

4. Suggestive Congress Woman

So many choices: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on a stripper poll. S&M Pelosi with her "palomino" safe word." Or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you don't even need a gimmick. She is just fyyyyyne.

3. The Sexy Early Voters

Put on some strategically placed "I Voted" stickers and write "Cumming Early is Never Sexy, but Early Voting Gets Me Off" somewhere in body paint.

2. Foxy Black Power Michelle Obama

White girls, don't even try this, but fuck all that noise about that infamous New Yorker cover. Even as a characature Michelle looked mad hot. Don't be afraid to break out the afro and the machine gun, but if anyone asks be sure to tell them it's only "high minded satire."

1. The Sexy Anti-Sexism Statement

Can you believe all the sexism that's running rampant this season? I mean seriously you have all these jack-asses complaining about Palin's Wardrobe, calling Hillary a shrill bitch, and douches saying Debbie Wasserman Schultz "is just fyyyyyne." It really is just a shame, and maybe we totally agree with you, but it is Halloween. So how do you turn this statement into a costume? We suggest putting on a full body suit and then staying away from Coconut Grove, because on October 31 that is no place for feminism.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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