Tim Tebow Named Bronco's Starting QB Just In Time For Dolphins to Honor Him

Tim Tebow has been named the new starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos according to several reports, and now he'll be looking forward to the opposing team hosting a celebration partially in his honor during his first starting game. As if the Dolphins' plan to honor the 2009 University of Florida football team wasn't stupid to begin with, it looks downright pathetic now.

According to several reports, Broncos head coach John Fox has told his players Tebow will take the reigns after Kyle Orton to a 1-4 start. (Yeah angry Dolfans, remember when ya'll were chanting "We Want Orton?") The Broncos have a bye this week, and there next game will be in Miami.

And Miami will welcome Tebow with open arms. In a stunt designed to attracted rabid Gators fans (and right about now those fans could use some reminder of a time when their team didn't suck), the team will welcome 20 former members of the '09 Gators, former coach Urban Meyer, and the UF marching band. Of course, as it was in 2009, all eyes will be on Tebow.

Besides the fact Hurricanes fans are angry that the Dolphins are celebrating an arch-rival on their home turf, this also means that there'll be tons of Tebow-maniacs in the fields rooting for the Broncos.

The Broncos match had looked like one of the most winnable games on the Dolphin's upcoming schedule, so maybe we shouldn't be so angry. It does help the team's chances of staying in the lead of the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

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Kyle Munzenrieder