Tim Tebow and "ACORN Ho" to Be Honored by "Xtreme" Conservative Convention

The big ol' Conservative Political Action Conference will kick off in Washington, D.C., in two days. Thousands of conservative activists will gather to exchange ideas and hear speeches. In fact, this year's keynote address will be given by none other than Marco Rubio

But this year, a CPAC event is reaching out to the younger conservatives by introducing "XPAC" (not to be confused with the '90s pro wrestler of the same name), and woah, boy, it looks fun. Organized by Stephen Baldwin (yes, from Biodome) and radio host Kevin McCullough, the XPAC lounge promises videogames, hip-hop, and that "somebody of Joe-the-Plumber stature [will come] in three times a day to... rally the kids." Radical! 

Despite the fact that Joe now apparently hates McCain and Palin and thinks Obama is "one of the more honest politicians," just who will some of these "Joe-the-Plumber" types be? Well, quite possibly our old friends Tim Tebow and Hannah "The ACORN Hooker" Giles! Xtreme to the max!

On Friday, February 20, XPAC will host an "Epic Nites" event and hand out awards to both Tebow and Hannah. Totally epic, brah!

Tebow, of course, recently starred in a Super Bowl commercial for a controversial, fundamentalist Christian group. He'll be honored alongside his mother Pam and Focus on the Family. Tubular!

Also being recognized and awarded: FIU student Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe. That's the pair that posed as a hooker and a pimp to embarrass community activist group ACORN. Of course, O'Keefe recently got in trouble for trying to mess with the phones at a Democratic center, and Giles didn't seem so approving of his latest tactics. I wonder if they're talking. Redunkulous!

Giles is listed on the website as officially attending, but there's no guarantee Tebow will actually show up. But with all the hip-hop, video games, conservative comedy, and Stephen friggin' Baldwin that XPAC has to offer, how could he pass it up? 

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