Three Florida Men Arrested Dragging Giant Purple Chicken Statue Down a Highway

We guess when some people see a big, hard, purple cock they get an uncontrollable urge to ride that beast. Unfortunately for Darrin Luke Edwards, 19, Tyler Lee Jones, 21, and James Joseph Smith, 18, of Putnam County, such an urge landed them behind bars.

One Tuesday morning the trio spotted a nine-foot tall, 600-pound aluminum purple chicken statue, and decided to hook it behind their Chevy truck. According to News4Jax, the men dragged the chicken for about a mile down a highway. At one point of the men got onto the chicken and actually rode it during the joyride.

The chicken's owner, who had used it to decorate his roadside fruit stand, heard the noise at about 6 a.m. while he was preparing for work. He went outside and witnessed the men violating his chicken and called police.

Though, by the time police arrived the men had unhooked the chicken and drove away. However, after gathering video surveillance and talking to witnesses they were able to apprehend the trio. All three were charged with grand theft, while Edwards was also hit with a charge of violating his probation.

The chicken was returned to its owner, but had suffered some damages.

"The chicken is valued at $2,300 and sustained a broken leg, broken claw and there was extensive damage to one side," a deputy told News4Jax.

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Kyle Munzenrieder