Car collisions are a dime a dozen, but boat accidents? Not so much. Especially in the open blue sea. Three boaters were out off the Haulover Beach area when their vessel was hit by another boat. It began taking on water, and eventually completely capsized. 

Three Boaters Rescued After Boat Sinks in Marine Hit-and-Run

Rescue teams begin searching for the boaters shortly after they relieved a 911 call at 9pm. The three luckily had on life preservers and were found hours later by another boater who took them to safety.

As for the boat that hit them, the three said it kept on going. [WSVN]

  • Commissioner Sarnoff on more proposed restriction on liquor laws: "I think in certain areas of the city it's a great idea. I think when you're around schools and school zones, I don't see how you can continue to drink between five and six am." [CBS4]

  • Michael Boudreaux, the former budget director for the city of Miami, is suiting the city: "The suit alleges Boudreaux was improperly fired in an effort to silence him amid a federal investigation of the City's finances." [WSVN]
  • The trial of principal Dwight Bernard continues, and the mother of the then-14-year-old girl who had sex with a star football player in a school bathroom testified, and a guidance counseler who said: "As far as I was concerned, it was statutory rape and that should be reported." [CBS4]

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