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The gay escort hired by George Alan Rekers as a travel companion told Miami New Times Thursday that he had been paid to give the anti-gay crusader body rubs in the nude before their March 30 trip to Europe. And Facebook exchanges seem to back up that claim.

Lucien, not his real name, said Rekers twice visited his townhouse, about 40 minutes from the Baptist minister's North Miami home, before the two embarked on the trip to England and Spain.

"We had arranged for a nude body rub," Lucien said of one of the sessions. "I have a time-scale for this. We arranged for about an hour of time.... I just put the timer on, and it rolled into about two hours.. It was one of those things, [a mix] of conversation [and] rubbing."

In a Facebook exchange between Rekers and the gay escort dated March 20, Lucien offers to do "just about anything" at any time.

"George wanted to say when ever you want to talk, would you mind messaging, i'd prefer that," Lucien wrote at 7 p.m. "and you find out what you want to do i would be ok with just about anything and when ever is the next time you want to meet i'm ok with that as well"

Rekers responded at 10:29: "OK will do -- messaging and phone calls. I'm still working researching some trip ideas. Will let you know soon."

The Facebook exchange -- obtained by Miami New Times from an authorized user of Lucien's account -- throws into question a statement posted on Rekers' website, professorgeorge.com. It states that Rekers "did not find out about his travel assistant's internet advertisements offering prostitution activity until after the trip was in progress."

Rekers has denied that he is homosexual and called earlier stories "slanderous."

Rekers has declined to return requests for comment and did not respond to an emailed list of questions for this story. If he responds, his comments will be posted.

The 20-year-old escort said Rekers told him he was not the first "travel assistant" he had hired, but that he was the first to do any "traveling." (At least one other man has come forward on a blog called Chazonator claiming Rekers had retained his services for a sexual massage.)

"He's told me that he's hired other escorts, and it's never really worked out," Lucien said. "They don't talk enough, or they've had very weird circumstances... Basically, he's never been fully comfortable with the situation, or they've jipped him. Jipped him of time or money."

On Thursday, Rekers notified New Times he has been "advised to retain the services of a defamation attorney." In the letter , he alleged the escort had agreed to state the two had no "sexual relationship" -- a claim the escort denies.

Lucien was surprised and angry when the statement was read to him. "Wait -- you mean he mentioned there was no sexual...? Well, you know, I'm an escort, not a prostitute, and in this case, there was a sexual encounter amongst us. Agreed upon."

Lucien said he has a written contract with Rekers stipulating that he provide, in his words, "the same massage-type treatment we were doing in South Florida."

Lucien said Rekers let him select their European destinations, and, once there, allowed him to spend the day engaged in any pursuit he desired -- so long as he reported to their hotel room at a designated time for the requisite, daily rub-down.

According to Lucien, Rekers seldom left their hotel rooms during the trip -- he complained of allergies, which he treated with "a whole suitcase full" of ointments and evinced no interest in exploring either Madrid or London.

Rekers was a kindly, if boring, travel companion, Lucien says. Though he paid for the escort's airfare, lodging, breakfast, and dinner, as well as providing him with a daily stipend, Rekers never asked for full-on sex and expressed no interest in attaining orgasm.

Rekers, however, was very particular about his rubs, favoring a maneuver he called "the long stroke," Lucien said. "He asked me to rub him a certain way, stroking the penis across the leg and under the leg area.

"Basically he told me to stroke across the penis and the thigh, and to go back and forth, not necessarily give it a jerking motion."

Lucien claims Rekers would sometimes reciprocate the genital rub.

"He's a very strange individual," says Lucien. "Point blank: He is a very strange man."

-- Brandon K. Thorp and Penn Bullock

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