The University of Miami Cordially Invites You To A-Roid Park

For the past few years, the University of Miami athletic department has had a reputation of coming down hard on anyone who dares bring bad PR to their program*. Hell hath no fury like a UM Athletic Director scorned. Unless of course, you happen to have donated nearly $4 million to the program, then everything's totally cool and they'd like to name a stadium in your honor.

By now you know Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids five years ago while a member of the Texas Rangers. Good timing for the University of Miami, which is scheduled to officially rechristen its on-campus baseball stadium as "Mark Light Field at Alex Rodriguez Park." A-Rod never played at UM, but has emerged as an important benefactor and mentor for the program over the years and donated $3.9 million for the Stadium's facelift.

UM plans to go forward with the name change. This is of course the school that recently suspended its football team's starting quarterback, Robert Marve,  for missing four classes. Miami makes a big, all too public show out of holding its student athletes to the highest standards, but apparently its willing to put those standards aside sometimes.

*believe me, I know.

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