The Truth About Cops and Doughnuts

I was reading The Coconut Grove Grapevine early Thursday morning when I ran across a post from Wednesday called "Police To Be Armed With Sprinkles And Frosting Tomorrow."HAHAHAHA, awesome," I said to myself.

So I rode my bike down to the Dunkin Donuts next door to Jenny Craig on US 1 and SW 27th ave, ordered a coffee, and a bacon egg and cheese bagel, stood outside, and waited around.

Turns out Dunkin Donuts was donating $1,000 each to the Miami Beach and Coral Gables respective Police Athletic Leagues in return for their departments participating in a donut decorating contest.

Police Athletic Leagues are generally great community organizations that give the youth open access to free recreational programs and positive role models. Kelly Denham from the Office of Public Information for Coral Gables Police Department explained to me that their program is open to any kid from any neighborhood. The Miami Beach Police Athletic League, founded in 1958, claims to be the oldest PAL in Florida.

Usually the only time you see cops smiling is when they're writing you a ticket or throwing you in jail, here's the incontrovertible photographic evidence that cops do in fact love donuts.

Find out more about the Police Athletic League through these links

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Jacob Katel
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