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The Petey & LoMo Show: An Oral History

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Oral histories are hot right now. Siskel and Ebert got one. Vanity Fair just did one on The Sopranos. Now Esquire has one about Baywatch. It seems the only proper way to pay tribute to a dearly departed program is to document its history with disembodied quotes from its actors.

So with baseball's spring training coming to an end, we figured it was time for an oral history of The Petey & LoMo Show. The SB Nation-produced web show follows the prank-filled bromance of Miami Marlins outfielders Logan Morrison and Bryan Petersen, in which they form a moped gang, hang out with a tiny monkey in a diaper, TP their teammates' house (video embedded below), catch Bieber fever, and drink red wine in a bathtub.

To read more about Morrison -- one of the weirdest and most outspoken dudes in the majors -- and the revamped Marlins, check out this week's feature story

Yeah, so this oral history is gonna be kind of short. There have been only six webisodes:

Logan Morrison: The whole thing came out of the boredom of spring training. You get to the facility superearly and you're done by noon. You're in Jupiter, Florida, Heaven's waiting room. So what do you do for the rest of the day? Go to the beach? That gets old pretty fast.

Bryan Petersen: We bicker a lot, and a lot of people find that funny and entertaining. We're kind of like brothers.

Morrison: [singing] We're the two best friends that anybody could have. We're like that in real life.

Petersen: He's a big ol' boy, dude. We're oddballs because we play baseball. A lot of players are sort of straight and narrow, reserved, you wear suits on the plane -- that kind of thing.

Morrison: I got together a bunch of ideas before we started production. We had a few really good ones that we didn't use. Fruit ninja -- a ninja who slices fruit with a samurai sword.

Petersen: We wanted a pet. The closest thing we could find to something exotic was an owl monkey. I really wanted to buy one, but they're really expensive, dude. Like $6,800.

Morrison: We couldn't think of a name for our moped gang. Then right before we started filming, it just came to me: "I got it: The Dirty V's!" And Petey was like, "That's actually pretty good!"

Petersen: Lance Armstrong [a lifesize cutout of the cyclist, placed as a referee in a moped race] was commandeered from a golf tournament.

Morrison: Seven minutes is a little short for us to get all of our banter in there. I talked about making the episodes 30 minutes, but [the SB Nation folks] said that was a little too long for the web. I was like, 'That's fine; let's get on TV then.' I'd like to do more next year. Like Petey and LoMo go to Europe.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.