The Party Crasher - Trick Daddy, Christina Milian, Ne-Yo and Scott Storch Celebrate

A sea of red formed last Wednesday as local hip hoppers gathered at Santo on South Beach. The red was not a result of bloodshed, but rather donned by attendees at Michael Madd’s All-Red All-Star Birthday Bash. Madd’s party brought out a handful of hip-hop notables including Busta Rhymes and Trick Daddy – both gaining gold stars for good behavior after last month’s scenes at B.E.D. and Tootsie’s. Also showing some red-hot love was Christina Milian spotted near The Terror Squad’s Cool & Dre and DJ Khaled. The fiesta drew in a crimson crowd of 400 guests, hosted by the legendary Doug E. Fresh, who emceed the night’s events, including surprise guest performances by Kevin Lyttle and JT Money. Breaking the club record for most champagne bottles sold in one night, Madd’s soiree had more sloshed sinners than Spring Break south of the border.

Ne-Yo kicked it at The Pawn Shop for his 25th birthday Saturday night.

In the spirit of birthday shindigs celebrated in the 305, Ne-Yo was in town rocking out at The Pawn Shop in Midtown Saturday night. Reaching his destination in a pimped out Suburban surrounded by Hummers, the Compound Entertainment crooner rang in the festivities of his 25th alongside Pretty Ricky’s Pleasure, former 106 & Park’s Free, music video master Little X, with the award for Cop Out of the Night going to Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo who was rumored to host. DJ Clue had The Pawn Shop partiers dripping with sweat in their chic attire spinning jams past 4 a.m. with not much breathing room left in the space. Ne-Yo’s appearance had local party skanks crawling under the VIP velvet rope for some lovin’ just to be shot down with So Sick looks by the b-day boy and his entourage. With shots of Patron flowing like water, Ne-Yo and Co. ran up an expected outstanding bar tab for the night. The Pawn Shop madness reached higher decibels with an impromptu performance by the guest of honor, which had the club screaming like a Hanson concert circa ’97.

Choosing to lay low, forgoing birthday party cameos, local producer Scott Storch has found other ways to have some fun outside the studio. He took a hard-earned break from current work with Mariah Carey, Sean Kingston and new up-and-comer, Carolyn to honor his son, who just turned 16. The moneymaker rolled out to Lucky Strike Saturday night arriving in one of his many notable vehicles – his blue Maybach – blazed and ready to bowl. The music mogul was accompanied by Fat Joe, the crew from 730 Productions (who Storch has been mentoring) and singer/songwriter Pooh Bear. Calling in for the early evening, the bowling brigade traded in their kicks around 10 p.m. On Monday night, Storch headed back out to South Beach for dinner at Washington Ave.’s Grazie, where this time, the prince of producers landed in his black Phantom convertible. The elegant Italian bistro welcomed Storch’s table of eight (accompanied by two sexy ladies), who dined in style on a feast of lobster bisque, fried mozzarella, chopped salad, grandma meatballs and chicken parmigiana. Storch indulged in a happy ending with Grazie’s volcano, a chocolate soufflé topped with vanilla bean gelato. Full belly intact, Storch was sure to honor the meal with a sizable tip ... perhaps enough for a new Bentley for the Grazie staff to share? -- Tracy Block

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