The Hills’ Whitney Port headed to Mansion Friday, November 9 for a girls’ night.

The Party Crasher - The Hills’ Whitney Port Heads to Mansion

In town for a weekend of South Beach debauchery, L.C.’s sidekick from MTV’s The Hills, Whitney Port, headed to Mansion for some after hours fun Friday night. The conventional and brainy Teen Vogue fashion contributor showed off her naughty side while shaking it on table tops all night long with a group of glammed-up gal pals. Enjoying more than her share of her 15 minutes in the limelight, Port was swatting guys away like flies, sure to honor her girls’ night out. The C-lister was too busy partying to notice Star Jones and Natalie Cole dancing at a VIP table alongside, reacting with an “Unforgettable” star struck expression plastered across her face. The ladies danced to Jay-Z jams, hits by The Bravery and classics by Michael Jackson. Hard to believe that not-so-stars from the Hollywood Hills like Port don’t know how to hang when it comes to partying with real celebs and legends. -- Tracy Block

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