The Party Crasher - Chloë Sevigny’s Shopping Spree At C. Madeleine’s

Chloë Sevigny dressed up her couture collection with new items from C. Madeleine’s, spending several hours shopping on Thursday, November 8.

Making a signature pit stop at C. Madeleine’s vintage boutique on Thursday, Chloë Sevigny spent several hours checking out the couture stock. Sevigny claims she heads to C. Madeleine’s every time she visits Miami. Deemed a fashion staple in the heart of North Miami, C. Madeleine’s has been considered “the best kept secret in Miami” and attracts a slew of A-list celebrities throughout the year who both buy and consign clothing at the shop. Sevigny was not consigning Thursday, rather selecting a plethora of garments influenced by style decades from the ‘50s and ‘80s – maybe fashioning a new look featuring classic Marilyn-meets-punked-out Madonna? The Hollywood star has been taking time off from her role as Mormon wife No. 2, Nicolette Grant on HBO hit series Big Love. When owner Madeleine Kirsh inquired about the upcoming season, Sevigny joked it was hard to tell what was in store for her character, considering the current writers’ strike. At least Sevigny will have some killer couture to sport from her shopping spree while she’s out of work. -- Tracy Block

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Tovin Lapan