The Party Crasher – Busta Rhymes Has Mansion in Check

Busta Rhymes brings down the house at Mansion on Friday, December 7.

Tracy Block

Woo Ha! Busta Rhymes busted rhymes on the Mansion stage Friday night to a full house with a VIP section rushing the stage like they were passing out free eight balls. Scenesters took an intermission from Art Basel madness to appreciate the art of partying. The house was cranking out jams for hours, the crowd getting their drink and their two-step on, dancing until they couldn’t stand any longer ... and then there was Busta. The hip-hop vet made his appearance around 3 a.m. with the mike halfway down his throat. He brought down the house with classics like “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” and “Pass The Courvoisier,” taking breathers for shots of Patron in between tracks. Paris Hilton couldn’t resist the hype, she obviously had to be at Miami’s hottest Friday night party. The heiress made her second cameo at Mansion in one week, joining Busta on stage shouting crazy talk to the mob. Mario Winans also stopped by and joined Busta on a duo. The set lasted about 30 minutes, and by the end of the first song, Busta was dripping sweat onto the fans in the front, leaving them with a very personal souvenir – his scent. Paris, on the other hand, was NOT passing out free samples of her new perfume, Can-Can. -- Tracy Block

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Tovin Lapan