The Office Makes The Miami Heat the Butt of the Joke

Lets be honest, The Office is pretty much the sitcom equivilant of the Miami Dolphins right now: Once perfect, now in the midst of their worst season ever. That didn't stop them last night from making fun of the Miami Heat in their Halloween episode. 

Yeah, like I said, this isn't exactly their best season nor is it the funniest joke. In fact, there seems to be a bit of disagreement over what the punchline exactly was.

"It was far from funny, but I like the writers' belief that the very idea of Darryl, Kevin, and Jim dressing up as the infamous Bosh/Wade/James trio from the Miami Heat is supposed to be embarrassing," writes Myles McNutt over at The Onion's AV Club. "Let's ignore that they never said why they were dressing up as them, or why a perfectly reasonable person like Darryl would do such a thing (we only get Jim's justification), but I was entertained that the writers thought people would inherently get the joke. I'm not convinced they would, although I may be underestimating the popularization of the anti-fandom surrounding the trio."

Well, we kind of thought Jim's embarrassment came not from the fact that he has to dress up as a Miami Heat player, but rather that he had to dress up as Chris Bosh. Listen, if you're part of a Miami Heat group Halloween costume you don't want to be Bosh.

It's like being Khloe in a Kardashian sisters costume. Kevin Jonas in a Jonas Brother costume. That third chick in Destiny's Child. Anyone who's not Wolverine from the X-Men. A living member of the Jackson 5. Ringo Star. Pop*. No one wants to be those things for Halloween, and no one wants to be Chris Bosh. 

*Crackle and Snap are clearly superior. 

This isn't the first time a Miami team has been a punchline on TV this week. On South Park this week one of the characters took a slight jab at the Dolphins. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder