The Foxorcist: Miami Filmmaker Mashes Horror and 2012 Politics

There's an undeniable element of skin-crawling terror to the downward spiral of modern American politics. And who hasn't felt like projectile-vomiting all over their dashboard while listening to Rush Limbaugh's radio rants?

So kudos to a proud Miami auteur for dreaming up The Foxorcist -- a mashup of a classic horror movie with the bile-spewing state of 2012 politics. If an early preview is any indication, it's the weirdest thing we have ever seen.

The trailer features an older man with long hair and apparent stigmata on his face, yelling, "Drill! Drill, baby... It would be like fucking Ann Coulter up the ass!"

This is the masterwork of Miami native René Pedraza del Prado. As an actor with the stage name Rene Rokk, he had roles in Miami Vice -- playing the characters Paco Hermosa, Ramos, and Antonio -- and the less memorable television series Wise Guys, in which he played a fellow named Mendoza.

But clearly, Pedraza has edgier art than mobster schlock in mind. He says an epiphany hit in 2009 after he moved to the burbs of Washington, D.C. He was jogging up and down what Georgetown locals call the "Exorcist Stairs" -- the steep steps down which a possessed priest threw himself in the 1973 classic. Looking at the capital's skyline, Pedraza was suddenly reminded of the film in which a girl named Regan is beset by a foulmouthed demon.

"Regan, Reagan," Pedraza recalls of his thought process. "It hit me in one moment: All these forces are feeding off of the carcass of Ronald Reagan."

In an effort to raise money for the project, Pedraza uploaded a trailer onto online fundraising website Kickstarter. (Though he's making the film anyway, the project fell short on Kickstarter, and Pedraza is accepting Paypal contributions through his email address.) Dark and genuinely creepy, the short features a caked-with-makeup Pedraza as the bedridden Regan/Reagan. He's ranting at a priest, who in The Foxorcist is called Father Felatio. "What an excellent day for a filibuster, Felatio," Pedraza cackles. "I can see Russia from my window!"

It's weird and hilarious. But don't call it silly. Pedraza believes his completed short film -- which will be released in October, just in time for the presidential election -- will speak to kiddies who grew up on Rob Zombie flicks. "The real thing we're aiming for is to excite the youth vote," he says. "Young people love insane, crazy things these days."

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