The "Fire Al Golden" Banner Brigade Is Getting Expensive

Al Golden and his Miami Hurricanes' are undefeated. They're the only team in the ACC Coastal Division with a zero in the loss column. Sure, maybe their first two opponents were cakewalks, and the fourth-quarter meltdown that turned the Nebraska game into a squeaker causes some concern, but they're undefeated, dammit. Other fan bases' moods might be cautiously optimistic at this point, but Hurricanes fans are sick of being cautiously optimistic. 

In fact, this season has been marked my multiple plane banners flown over games to call for the firing of Golden. On Saturday, though, the group behind the banners admitted the stunts are getting pricey. 

Then again, apparently anti-Golden 'Canes fans like to buy in bulk. There were three anti-Golden banners flying over the game. 

And, yes, Golden himself is noting. He purportedly watched this banner fly over last weekend's away game against Florida Atlantic University: 

It's unclear exactly who is paying for these banners. Last year, $1,600 was raised on a GoFundMe page to fly a banner over the Virginia Tech game, but we haven't found any similar campaigns on the crowdfunding site this year. However, we did find a campaign to fly a pro-Golden banner over the Florida State University game next month. So far it has raised $15. It's apparently being supported by FSU fans, naturally. 

Of course, the banners calling for the termination of a coach who hasn't massively screwed up yet this season are beginning to irk some fans. 

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