Tea Party Group Sponsoring Presidential Primary Debate in Florida

Last time around, presidential hopefuls of both parties came down to the University of Miami to participate in the nation's first primary debates broadcast in Spanish. In 2012, the Republicans will return to Florida for a primary debate, but this one is being sponsored by a group called the "Tea Party Express."

It's legit and everything. CNN is co-sponsoring the debate with Tea Party Express, which Salon calls "basically a PAC run by Republican political operatives." The event is scheduled to happen in Tampa on Labor Day in 2011.

"It is a slightly puzzling decision from a 'basic standards of journalistic ethics' standpoint, although from a 'desperation for attention and the participation of a bunch of Fox employee' standpoint it actually makes perfect sense." writes Salon.

We imagine the debate will be much like any other debate, except with topics like "Where's the birth certificate?," "Socialism: how horrible is it, and how much does Obama love it?" and "The Constitution: great document or greatest document (except for all those silly parts about civil rights and freedom of religion)?"

The winner will probably be decided by tallying which candidate has the most misspelled signs supporting him or her in the audience. (Spoiler alert: Sarah Palin has already won.)

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Kyle Munzenrieder