Taxpayers Footing Part of the Bill for Cat Killer Suspect's Defense

The state is being forced to ante up $12,500 in taxpayer money for the defense of accused cat killer Tyler Weinman, according to the Miami Herald

Circuit Judge John Thornton ordered the state to pay up after Weinman's lawyer argued the kid didn't have enough money to properly fund his defense. Ten thousand dollars will pay for depositions from about 100 witnesses the prosecution will present, while $2,500 will go to investigators. 

Weinman has relied on his grandfather for much of the money for his defense and bail, because the 18-year-old, who attended high school until last year, has no source of income. Weinman worked as an aquatic sports camp counselor but besides that hasn't held a job. Of course, maybe if he had been busy with a job, he wouldn't have had time to allegedly kill all of those cats. 

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