Target Worker Drives Car into Canal After Black Friday Shift in Palm Beach

The unsung victims of the bizarre display of capitalism we call Black Friday? The hundreds of thousands of retail workers who have their Thanksgiving marred by having to get show up to work later that night to prepare.

A worker at a Target in Palm Beach was so exhausted after working her Black Friday shift that she accidentally drove her car into a canal.

Target opened their stores across the country at midnight last night, and workers were expected to clock in as early as 9 p.m. for the over-night sift.

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The unnamed 36-year-old woman was driving home at 7:46 a.m. when, according to The Palm Beach Post, she accidentally drove her car into a canal near the intersection of Muck City Road and Conners Highway in Pahokee in Palm Beach County.

The woman's car began sinking in 20-foot water, and she called 911. A Sheriff's deputy had to jump in to save her. Frank Mayo, the deputy, freed her from the car and the woman grabbed on to him. Afraid she might drown them both, the deputy let go, but didn't see the woman come up after him. After taking a breath, he dove back down, calmed the woman down, and brought her back up to safety.

The woman was brought to a nearby hospital for a treatment, and was released.

"Our thoughts are with the team member and her family for a speedy recovery," a Target spokeswoman told the Post.

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