Tanning Tax Is Racist, Says Some Guy on Glenn Beck's Radio Show

Glenn Beck couldn't make it to his radio show yesterday (maybe his car had been towed), so some guy named Doc Johnson took over hosting duties, and he was out to expose the new horrible, horrible threat of racism that is coming out of the Obama administration: the tanning tax!

As part of the health-care bill, starting July 1, all indoor tanning will be taxed 10 percent (a measure we were so sad that Charlie Crist, a man surely to be affected by this, did not do more to stop). Obviously, this is racist because only "light-skinned" Americans tan:

I would guess that most tanning sessions are from light-skinned Americans. Why would the president of the United Stats of America -- a man who says he understands racism, a man who has been confronted with racism -- why would he sign such a racist law? Why would he agree to do that? Well, now I feel the pain of racism.
We think Johnson was taking a chance at being "satirical" here, but honestly, when it comes to political talking heads on both sides, we're just not sure when they're being serious or telling jokes. So many of them say such ridiculous things it's hard to tell anymore.

[via Wonkette]

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Kyle Munzenrieder