T-Pain Hopes to Become FSU's First Auto-Tuned President

He's T-Pain. You know him. And he wants to be the next president of Florida State Univeristy. 

Seriously, the headline "Campaign under way for T-Pain to be Florida State University's next president," with the subhead, "T. K. Wetherell: 'I don't even know what a T-Pain is,'" actually appeared today in the Tallahassee Democrat, not The Onion

A Facebook group and T-shirts have popped up on FSU's campus in a campaign, excuse me, "cam-pain," supporting the Tallahassee native as a replacement for outgoing prez T. K. Wetherell. 

Like T-Pain said himself, "anything is possible" -- such as flying boats to the moon and "riding on a dolphin, doing flips and shit." So why can't a gimmicky hip-hop star with no college degree become president of a university? 

T-Pain has been playing up the cam-pain on Twitter. Apparently, he hopes to preside over the first all-Auto-Tuned commencement ceremony. 

The FSU grad student behind the campaign seems to be moe interested in making a point about the politics of hiring college presidents than actually hoping to bring the nappy boy himself to the prez office. 

"They're looking for someone who can make a lot of money, and T-Pain makes a lot of money," the student says.

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