SUV Crashes Into Backyard Pool

Earlier this week, an insurance company ranked Miami-area drivers as some of the worst in the entire nation. As if to celebrate and confirm the ranking, an SUV promptly lost control and crashed into a backyard pool in Palm Spring North.

The incident happened at 178th Street and Northwest 84th Avenue late yesterday morning.

Sylvia de la Torre was behind the wheel of the red Saturn SUV when she got into an accident on a nearby road. She told CBS Miami that she thought she had the right of way when she entered an intersection, but saw two cars coming form the other direction. So she tried to get out of the way and ended up losing control, crashing through a fence, and ending up in the pool, also hitting a jet ski that was parked beside the pool.

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Fernando Ferrer and his son Alex were at home when the SUV decided to take a dip, and rushed out to help the woman.

"We got around to the passenger side and just calmed her down,"Alex Ferrer told WSVN, "sat her down, gave her some water. She was fine, she just had some chest pains."

A crane had to be used to pull the car out of the pool.

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