Sun-Sentinel Sells Political Ad to Bat-Sh*t Insane Michael The Black Man

Good ol' Michael the Black Man -- he should fit right in with the apocalyptic feel of this morning's news.

The former cult member, who once was charged with cutting somebody's head off and led a group interrupting an Obama speech with signs bearing such slogans as "Obama is endorsed by KKK", bought an insane political ad in the Sun-Sentinel over the weekend.

The paper was going to put a disclaimer, we're guessing, but then they thought... Eh, nobody reads this shit anyway.

The ad, on page 9B of the Saturday edition as first noticed by our colleague in Broward-Palm Beach, Bob Norman, declared that "Good black people support good candidates" like Allen West and Marco Rubio. It featured a photo of Michael with West-- which is certainly not the first time our new Congressman has palled it up with slightly terrifying wierdos.

The entertainment never stops with Michael the Black Man-- real name(s) Maurice Woodside AKA Maurice Symonette-- who labels Oprah the devil and called me a "left-wing enthusiast and casual racist." He was involved in a North Miami shootout that he swore was an assassination attempt orchestrated by Obama. And this summer, his son, Jeremiah Parham, unloaded an AK-47 on some swimmers coming too close to Dad's 65-foot yacht.

So anyway, hope you're happy, Florida -- yesterday you voted just like the craziest guy we know would have suggested.

Let's send this out with video from Michael's website of our hero hugging on and chatting it up with your newest Congressman and Senator.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts