Style Soldiers - South Beach Mesh

Style Soldiers - South Beach Mesh

10 Practical Reasons for Wearing a Mesh Tank-Top

1) In order to be an all-around sexy beast

2) It doubles as a pasta strainer

3) Because everyone knows mesh goes with Bermuda shorts … and a name-plate necklace … and a bleached, Mafioso tip…

4) Solidification of the fact that you, and not Justin Timberlake, did indeed bring sexy back

5) Because you’re a huge fan of Sean Astin’s character (below) in 50 First Dates

Style Soldiers - South Beach Mesh

6) Man-boob ventilation

7) To catch tuna, and the occasional unsuspecting dolphin

8) To acquire a natural looking tan

9) Daddy didn’t love you

10) So when you carry around a flower you plucked off a random bush with the obvious intentions of giving it someone, people can question whether or not you play for team “Space-between-the-Thighs” or “Team Tuck-between-the-Thighs”

Tell us your reasons for wearing a mesh top, and don't forget to send your own Style Soldier shots to our Fashion Team.

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