Strange Woman Found Hugging and Kissing Patient at Coral Gables Hospital

An 80-year-old woman was admitted to Coral Gables Hospital on Friday and got more than an operation. She also got visits from a strange woman who fed, hugged and kissed her. The patient thought she worked for the hospital. Hospital staff thought she was a family member. Turns out she was neither, and was later committed for a mental evaluation. 

The patient was recovering from an operation to drain fluid from her stomach. Her daughter, 

Adrianna Gordon

tells NBCMiami

that she walked into the hospital room to find the woman fawning over her mother. The woman had apparently made multiple visits, and may have done the same to other patients. 

"On Saturday she was here for an hour and a half in front of my mother, making all kinds of noises. Sunday morning when I got here, she had all kind of food, all kind of drinks, hugging her, kissing her, touching her," Gordon told NBCMiami.

Gordon alerted the staff, and it turned out they had no idea who she was. 

She left behind an ID bracelet and police were able to locate her at a nearby fast food restaurant. Police say she was acting strangely, and they feared she may harm herself. So the suspect was taken to Larking Hospital to be evaluated. 

"Nobody should have to worry about their loved one when they're in a hospital, in a place where you're supposed to feel that they are taken care of, that they're safe,"Evelyn Ghitis, the victim's granddaughter,

told WSVN

. "Not that some crazy person or some unknown person is gonna come and harm them in addition to whatever they are in the hospital for."

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