Sports Illustrated: Fair Chances for a Miami MLS Team

Miami is one of seven cities that submitted a bid for a Major League Soccer expansion team. Though, Sports Illustrated finds some curiosities in the latest announcement. For one, they were surprised that neither New York or Las Vegas was amongst the city's bidding. They also find the language used in the announcement vague. Previously MLS had said that they will add two teams for the 2011 season, but now only says the next round of expansion is expected to occur in the next few years, with no mention of a specific number of teams. (Seattle and Philadelphia will have teams join the league in 2009 and 2010 respectively).

Out of the 7 bids, SI only rates Vancouver as having a 'good' chance. They write off St. Louis, Atlanta and Ottawa as having slim, grim, or minuscule chances. Leaving Miami, along with Portland and Montreal, as having a fair chance.

SI says about Miami:

"This can't be a rehash of the Chivas USA model, with U.S.-based partner Antonio Cue running the show and drawing lousy crowds for Guadalajara owner Jorge Vergara, and neither can it be ex-Fusion owner Ken Horowitz revisited. But there's a deal in place to play at FIU, so there's hope."

There's certainly as big a fan base in Miami as there is anywhere else in the country, so yes, it would help them if they actually play in the city.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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