Sporting News Names Pat Riley Executive of the Year

In news that you probably already knew was coming, Sporting News has named Miami Heat president Pat Riley NBA 2010-11 Executive of the Year after he put together the biggest free-agent signings pretty much ever. Know who else saw this coming? Nearly everyone else on Earth.

The NBA's official award for top executive is expected to be released in the coming days.

Riley engineered some major offseason moves last summer, not only convincing Dwyane Wade to stay in Miami, but luring LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join him.

Chicago general manager Gar Forman was second in the Sporting News balloting...

Though the Chicago Bulls have the league's MVP in Derrick Rose, they really didn't do anything to get him other than winning the draft lottery a few years ago and then not screwing up the number one overall pick. So while the Bulls have improved thanks to the random bouncing of lottery balls, Riley used his actual balls and pulled off the coup of the free-agency century. He not only re-signed D-Wade but also persuaded James and Bosh to join forces with Wade here in Miami.

Riley could call a news conference to reveal that he is in fact Batman and that he's the one who took down bin Laden, and it still wouldn't be as impressive as what he pulled off last summer.

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