Sorry Olds, but Time says Young People May Decide the Swing of the State

It was just last week Newsweek was trying to tell us that Non-Cuban Hispanics were going to be the deciding factor in McCain and Obama's battle for Florida. Now, Time is telling is us "nuh uh, it's the young people who will decide."

If there is any key state where Barack Obama's focus on the youth vote wouldn't seem to be much of an asset, it's Florida, where discussions of Social Security and Medicare have traditionally trumped all other issues. But the once easily pigeonholed demographics in the Sunshine State are changing, and many pundits say the 30-and-under crowd could turn out to be the decisive factor in this year's closely contested race.

Which, if true, could mean that the tactics used in Florida - like visiting nursing homes, and getting Sarah Silverman to tell kids to make their grandparents vote - could change in upcoming election cycles.

Perhaps it's no coincidence then that Obama's last Miami rally, and Biden's rally in Estero today, while open to the general public, were both held on college campuses.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

postscript: The article also includes this lovely line: "The Obama campaign, by contrast, has been tapping the power of the Internet since it began almost two years ago." The internet is two years old? Oh, wait the campaign. Haha, w/e it's behind the cut for a reason.

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