Sorry Charlie: Alex Sink Actually Democrat's Favorite In 2014 Gov Race, According to Poll

Earlier this week, we brought to your attention to an odd poll that claimed 61 percent of Democratic voters wanted former Republican Charlie Crist to be the Dem's gubernatorial candidate in 2014. The numbers seemed way off, and now a new poll is out showing that actually Alex Sink, who ran for governor in 2010, has the advantage. However, there still is a significant portion of Democrats who do want Crist to run.

These numbers come from a Schroth Eldon & Associates poll of Democratic voters, but the Buzz says the poll was conducted between August 5 and 7, before Crist endorsed Barack Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Alex Sink 31 percent
Charlie Crist 29 percent
Anthony Kennedy Shriver 8
Dan Gelber 3
Jimmy Morales 2
Nan Rich 1
Undecided 26.

These numbers seem a lot more realistic than the St. Pete Polls figures. For example that poll showed that absolutely no one was undecided. It also showed bizarre favorability ratings. That poll for example found that 22.3 percent of Florida Democrats had an unfavorable opinion of Senate minority leader Nan Rich, so far the only official candidate, compared to just 13.3 percent had a favorable opinion. This poll found much more realistic numbers. Eight percent find Rich favorable; 1 percent find her unfavorable; 83 percent has no idea who she is.

This poll also included Anthony Kennedy Shriver. He's a Miami resident who founded Best Buddies, and is a member of the Kennedy clan (his father, Sargent Shriver was the Dem's '72 VP nominee). He's toyed with the idea of running for governor in both 2006 and 2010, but ultimately decided not to each time.

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