Some Genius Brought a "Grenade-Shaped Lighter" To MIA and Sparked an Evacuation

There's a new guy to add to the list of airport travelers you hate, right alongside the lady who can't fathom taking off her high heels at the metal detector, the drunk salesman who pushes out into the aisle the second after the plane lands and, of course, shrieking hell-baby. Say hi to the traveler who thought flying with a "grenade-shaped lighter" was a fantastic idea.

Miami International Airport was partially evacuated early this morning after screeners found what looked like a grenade in some luggage.

The incident started just after 5 a.m. inside Terminal D, one of MIA's busiest concourses where many American Airline flights are housed.

One entire security area, Checkpoint Three, was evacuated and a Miami-Dade bomb squad was called in to assist when screeners noticed what looked like a grenade in a traveler's luggage. Hundreds of other passengers had to cram into American Airlines' other checkpoints, snarling early morning lines, the Miami Herald reports.

Police soon determined that the "grenade" was in fact harmless.

"It was determined that the item was a cigarette lighter with the outside covering of a small grenade," Det. Alvaro Zabaleta, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Police Department, says in a statement.

The passenger, who hasn't been identified, won't be criminally charged. But he or she deserves all the scorn you can throw their way.

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