Sofia Vergara Will Be First Lady of Florida One Day, Apparently

If a man is dating Modern Family star and Colombian bombshell Sofia Vergara, what more could he possibly want out of life? Well, according to Page Six, the man who is currently dating Vergara, Nicholas Loeb, one day wants to be Governor of Florida. As the gossip column is quick to point out, that could mean Vergara could be First Lady of the Sunshine State.

The actual item is all sorts of crazy:

After "Modern Family" snatched the Emmy for Best Comedy, Sofia Vergara was overheard checking on her beau, Nicholas Loeb, who couldn't escort her because he drove off a cliff in Bel Air last week and broke his pelvis. Loeb, who's related to the Lehman banking dynasty, once ran for a Florida US Senate seat before dropping out, and is said to have gubernatorial ambitions, which could make the curvy Colombian the first lady of Florida. "This would make a hell of an encore, but don't expect Vergara to put her career on hold like Maria Shriver," added our source.
Though, we should point out it is factual incorrect. Loeb never ran for U.S. Senate. He started running for a state Senate seat as a Republican last year in a district that covers portions of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Though he raised major money through family connections (and the help of Rudy Giuliani), he eventually pulled out because his then-wife filed for divorce.

The former wife, Anna Loeb, apparently traveled back to Sweden, reconnected with an old boyfriend, and kicked Loeb to the curb. His campaign came to a halt after she was arrested for a DUI last August. The nomination eventually went to Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff. At the time though, Loeb didn't rule out a return to politics.

Though, Page Six is right about his rich family. Loeb is a great-grandson of Mayer Lehman, yes of the Lehman Brothers Lehman, and the son of President Reagan's ambassador to Denmark.

Loeb's gubernatorial run may be a long way off, if it ever comes, but let's hope he stays with Vergara. Because, taking a cue from Modern Family's successful Emmy campaign, we've already got his first campaign ad figured out:

Apologies for our MS Paint skills.

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Kyle Munzenrieder