SoBe Entertainment Sues WWE's Big Show for Big Sum

Paul Wight is known as one of the biggest men in wrestling, with a billed height of seven feet and a weight of 485 pounds. Wrestling in WCW as "the Giant" and WWE as "the Big Show," he captured the heavyweight title in both, and SoBe Entertainment hoped to expand his success to another squared circle. 

During time away from WWE in 2007, Wight signed a contract with SoBe Entertainment. The company guaranteed him $1,008,000 a year for exclusive rights to represent him until 2012, as well as to support a potential boxing career. That never panned out, and he ended up back in the WWE in 2008. Now SoBe is suing Wight, his wife, and the WWE for $15,000,000. 

SoBe Entertainment also claims it advanced Wight and his wife $1 million so the couple could buy a house in the South Miami/Coral Gables area -- a house the suit alleges they still live in. 

The company is no stranger to the professional wrestling world, and its record label is home to none other than Brooke Hogan.

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