Six-Year-Old Boy Found Wandering Streets at 4 A.M. After His Mom Went to Party With Friends

A 6-year-old boy woke up in his Miami apartment this morning to realize he was all alone. So he grabbed a wooden duck, smashed a window, started walking the streets and flagged down a man for help. It turned out that his mom had snuck out after midnight and had been hanging out with her friends.

According to CBSMiami, the boy flagged down a man along SW 14th Avenue and 1st Street. The man called police and stayed with the boy until police arrived.

The boy told police that when he woke up alone he got scared and didn't want to be in the apartment alone. Since the door was locked, he grabbed a wooden duck to smash a window and then crawled out.

After several phone calls the police reached his mother, Rosa Recarte Gomez. She arrived at the police station, and after questioning admitted that she went to go hang out with some friends. She said that the boy usually stayed asleep all night. Gomez has apparently been home in the meantime, and despite a broken window and the fact that her son was missing, she didn't notice anything was wrong until she realized she had received several phone calls from police.

Gomez was charged with one count of child neglect. The boy is in the custody of a friend of the family, and the Department of Children and Families has been contacted.

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Kyle Munzenrieder