Singer for Crappy Band Lights Over Paris Arrested at Miami International Airport on Fraud Charges

Not many people have heard of the band Lights Over Paris, but that didn't stop frontman Robert Mawhinney from trying to live like an A-list rockstar.

Unfortunately, he was arrested at Miami International Airport earlier this month on fraud charges.

Lights Over Paris, a band we could best describe as a crappier version of Cobra Starship, has been kicking around since 2002, but the L.A.-based band hasn't made much of a dent on any music charts.

Though lead singer Friday Mawhinney (AKA Robb "TaLLLLL" University), from living a lavish lifestyle. He traveled freely, and had a tour bus that was worth more than $750,000. He also purchased recording equipment.

Authorities say that lifestyle was furnished by loan fraud. He racked up loans for $6,250,000. According to the AP, he submitted faked bank documents that claimed he had more than $8,000,000 in assets. In one instance he falsely claimed to co-own a recording studio.

Mawhinney was arrested earlier this month at Miami International Airport. He's expected to be arraigned on February 11. If convicted on all charges, he could face up to 30 years in jail.

And, in case you're wondering what Lights Over Paris sounds like:

Such a shame this music career may be cut short.

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Kyle Munzenrieder