Silicon Beach: Crisis Camp Helps Haiti With Mobile Translation App

Silicon Beach reported on Crisis Camp in this week's Wednesday installment. Just two days later, geeks from D.C. launched a mobile phone application called Tradui that facilitates Kreyol to English and English to Kreyol translations. The application is free and available for iPhone and Android.

In Tradui, you can translate words by typing them into a search box or scrolling through an alphabetized dictionary. You can also save time by typing in phrases. "We need some supplies" reveals a word-by-word translation of the phrase in Kreyol.

Mobile apps are not easy to build and take time to approve -- the speed at which this was created and developed is a testament to how geeks and companies can mobilize to help those in need. Tradui was built by Intridea in just three days, and because it's an open source, developers can continue to collaborate on the project.

Although Tradui was designed for relief workers on the ground in Haiti, it could be useful for Miamians because of the significant Haitian community here.

Visit the Tradui website for more information.

Local geeks will meet tomorrow for Miami's edition of Crisis Camp. More than 50 people have already signed up to participate. Register for free at Eventbrite.

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