Scorned Wife Plots Chainsaw Massacre for Ex-Hubby

Nothing like two years in the clink to plot revenge on the person who put you there. For Mercedes "Mecha" Morales of Miramar that meant ordering a hit on her husband--who ratted her out when he got pinched as part of a money laundering scheme in 2003 (and yes, the Soprano's lingo is intentional).

Unfortunately for Morales, 57, but good for her former man, when she tried to hire a hit-man for the job she was actually speaking with an FBI informant. He told officials that Morales wanted her worse half to be chain sawed into little bits but not before he was told she was the one that was behind the assassination. And the kicker, according to NBC, was that Morales was going to use a $5,000 wedding ring the husband gave her to pay for his demise. Police arrested Mecha on Monday. We can only imagine what's she'll cook up this time around when she serves her impending sentence.

  • A woman drowned in a canal off Old Culter Road and 173rd St. in Palmetto Bay late Tuesday after the Cadillac Escalade she was driving ran through a barricade blocking the canal. Police have not yet released the name of the victim. [WPLG]
  • A handyman died after he was electrocuted by power lines while working on the roof of a Coconut Grove home Tuesday. When rescue arrived at the scene, the man was still on fire. His brother, who tried to help him, was also shocked by the lines and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. [NBC]
  • A Miami-Dade County instructional supervisor tried to pull a reverse-Robin Hood--allegedly stealing from the unfortunate to pay for the better off--when she stole scholarship money intended for students with learning disabilities to pay the private school tuition of her own children. [NBC]

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