Scarface Lookalike Involved in Six-Hour Standoff With Police

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It didn't take a Bolivian cocaine kingpin's army to bring this Scarface down. Just six canisters of tear gas.

After a six-hour standoff, police arrested a man dressed as Tony Montana after he was wielding a machete and threatening to kill his neighbors. Oddly, this did not happen in Miami, but Hollywood. You know, the one in California.

According to KTLA the incident started at 10:45 on Tuesday night as the man, identified as Oliviero Bozzi, came out onto his balcony with a machete and begin yelling down at the pool area and threatening people in the jacuzzi. One witness told the station that he was screaming specific apartment numbers and threatening to put people in their graves. He was also brandishing the machete wildly.

Police arrived and Bozzi yelled for them to just, "Shoot me! Shoot me!"

Bozzi then threw the machete down into the pool

Instead of shooting him, police deployed a negotiator, and Bozzi, then barricaded in the apartment, remained in contact with the negotiator off and on for the six hour standoff. However, he was ultimately uncooperative. Eventually the SWAT team was sent in.

Then around 5 a.m. the next morning, the SWAT team deployed six canisters of tear gas into the apartment and finally nabbed Bozzi.

Though, KTLA left out the most interesting part of the incident. If TMZ is to be believed, Bozzi was dressed as Tony Montana, and the photo they obtained seems to confirm that. Bozzi, with his hair similar to Al Pachino's in the movie, is dressed in a Tony's trademark white suit and dark shirt.

TMZ also reports that throughout the standoff, Bozzi was yelling quotes from the movie.

Though, eventually Bozzi did rip the costume off during the six-hour standoff. After the incident, he was taken to the hospital, where police said they would evaluate his mental health.

See, not all crazy things happen in Florida. Sometimes crazy things inspired by Florida happen elsewhere.

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Kyle Munzenrieder