Sarnoff, Commission Say 'No Thanks' To $1.9 Billion Stadium Commitment -- For Now

This can't come as a shock to anyone, can it? Surely even the most passionate Marlins fans in South Florida -- all 500 of them -- probably spit out some coffee on their Miami Herald this morning when they read the latest details on how much the new Fish stadium would cost taxpayers in the long run.

Here's the eye-bulging numbers if you missed them:  40 years and $1.9 billion to repay the county's  $326 million obligation. Allow Riptide to use our best angry/confused Ron Burgandy voice to say the exact same thing one more time: 40 YEARS! 1.9 BILLION!

That's the GDP of some smallish nations, homes. And two full generations of ballplayers born, raised, and done with MLB by the time it's paid off. All for a team that, hate to say it, got outdrawn by a nude beach last year.

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So yeah, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff backed off his support for the stadium deal this afternoon and the commission deadlocked 2-2. Now they've delayed the official vote until March 12, just in case the economy is roses and unicorns by then.

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