Sarah Palin to Marco Rubio: "Call Me, Can I Help You?"

Long before anyone in the lower 48 had ever heard of Sarah Palin, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's name kept coming up as a possible John McCain running mate, especially after his endorsement helped McCain win Florida and seal the nomination. Now Crist's been reduced to trailing Marco Rubio in the senate primary.

That Sarah Palin really should be nicer to Crist. I mean, if he hadn't helped McCain win the nomination, and then been such a horrible, horrible vice presidential prospect, forcing McCain to look elsewhere, Palin probably would be the little known governor of Alaska instead of her current position as Empress of Teabagtopia.

Anyway, it's not an official endorsement but it seems that Palin is a fan of Rubio. While speaking at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, someone with a video camera asked her if she'd endorse Rubio. "I love Marco!" she beamed with a thumbs up, adding "Marco, Call me. Can I help you?"

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