Parkland Survivors Offer Solidarity in Support of Santa Fe Shooting Survivors

Less than a month ago, students at Santa Fe High School outside Houston walked out in solidarity with the survivors of the school massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Many of the Texas teens held signs demanding gun-control reform and an end to school shootings.

Well, another one happened. At Santa Fe High School, a gunman today killed at least nine students and one teacher. And now the survivors of the Parkland tragedy are offering condolences and support to students who stood by them at the April 20 walkout.

"We are deeply saddened by the tragedy at Santa Fe High School and send our love and support to the families affected as well as the entire community," the official March for Our Lives Twitter account read today. "Though this is the 22nd school shooting this year, we urge those reading this not to sweep it under the rug and forget. This is not the price of our freedom. This is the most fatal shooting since the one at our school, and tragedies like this will continue to happen unless action is taken."

Today is the last day of school for students at Stoneman Douglas — instead of simply enjoying their graduation day or transition to summer break after the worst school year of their lives, many students have instead been forced to relive the trauma they experienced only three months ago.

Others, meanwhile, are telegraphing that they're jaded with the current political system. Prominent gun-control advocates at the school, including Emma González, David Hogg, and Cameron Kasky, each sent condolences to Santa Fe students today. But they also warned that the shooting will spark the same exact response from politicians and the media: prayers and condolences, conspiracy theories (which have already begun to proliferate), partisan bickering, watered-down bills and general nonsense from Republican legislators and weak-sauce Democrats, and a whole bunch of insane misinformation from the National Rifle Association.

So here we are again, America.

"Santa Fe, we are with you," the March for Our Lives account posted, "and we will do whatever we can to support you as the days go on."

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