Rumblings: Bud Chiles to Exit Governor's Race

As we put it last week "Lawton 'Bud' Chiles will run for governor until he realizes what everyone knows: he can't win." Now there's considerable rumblings that the Independent candidate whose main qualification is that he shares a name with his late father, Gov. Lawton Chiles, is set to announce on Thursday that he's pulling out of the race.

The rumors come from The Buzz, who say that Chiles has been calling up supporters through out the state informing them of the decision. His announcement is timed so that his name will not appear on any ballots.

Chiles didn't want to play the roll of spoiler, and considering the latest poll numbers had him only at 8 percent that's what his campaign was shaping up to be.

This is considerably good news for democratic nominee Alex Sink. Chiles was popular amongst some Democrats because he's the son of the last Democrat to hold the office of Governor.

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