RPOF, Which Took $628k From Rothstein, Calls Sink Corrupt for Returning $6,000 From Rothstein

Well, this tweet from the Republican Party of Florida's Twitter page sure ain't subtle: "Alex Sink is a lousy corrupt Ultra-Liberal Dem., fully-owned by banking industry and trial lawyers."

Jeez, RPOF, tell us how you really feel.

The tweet linked to a RedState.com user diary titled "The Sinking of Alex Sink and Why Sink Is the Poster Child for Corrupt Dems!"

The reason Sink is so corrupt? They say the former bank president took campaign donations from the banking industry and trial lawyers. Oh, but the worst of all: Alex Sink took money from Scott Rothstein.

So the RPOF is now promoting the idea that any politician who took money from Scott Rothstien is corrupt. Which is interesting, because the majority of Rothstein's political donations went to Republicans.

Since 2005, between his personal pocket and his law firm, the Ponzi-schemin' lawyer gave $628,000 to the RPOF and handed out hefty donations to John McCain, Charlie Crist, Mel Martinez, and Connie Mack.

All in all, Rothstein gave $6,000 to Sink, and she almost immediately returned all the donations in November.

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