RPOF Says Alex Sink is Basically Florida's Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro took some time out of his busy schedule of not dying to pen a piece for a state newspaper that said President Obama and the Democrat's recent passage of health care reform is a "miracle." 

Well, the Republican Party of Florida took time out of their busy schedule of basically giving everybody American Express cards to send out a press release that argued Florida CFO and Democratic governor hopeful Alex Sink is basically Fidel Castro. 

See, Sink also approved of the health care reform bill. Though if you recall, her statement on the bill's passage wasn't exactly as exuberant as Castro's. 

Regardless, the RPOF put out a press release entitled "Alex Sink's Florida and Fidel Castro's Cuba."

"Alex Sink supports the same tax increases, individual mandates, and infringement of state sovereignty endorsed by the most famous communist dictator in the world," said RPOF Executive Director Ronnie Whitaker. "It was troubling when Alex Sink went months without taking a stand on government-run health care and now that she has taken the same stand as Fidel Castro, you have to question her judgment. Of course Castro supports a plan that massively expands the role of the government, but why does Alex Sink?"

Not only is it a slap in the face to the many, many Cuban American who escaped Castro's Cuba and actually do support Obama's health care reforms, it's just plain stupid logic.

Besides, Cuba's health care system has very, very little in common with the insurance reform plan that the Democrats passed.

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Kyle Munzenrieder