Riptide Rips Off Miami Herald's Ripoff of Palm Beach Post's "Name the Marlins Home Run Thing" Contest

Yesterday, Palm Beach Post writer Dave George filed a column entitled, "Help us find a proper name for the outrageous home-run contraption at Marlins Park," in which he asked readers to submit nicknames for that thing in the Marlins stadium. Well, what do you know, today the Miami Herald announced a "Name that thing!" contest to pick nicknames for the sculpture. In this spirit of originality Riptide would now like to host its very own "name the sculpture thing" contest. Ours, however, is just a little bit different.

The Herald's contest of course seems to be designed to also collect a lot of demographic and contact information from you, probably for their own nefarious marketing purposes.

The Herald's contest also states that, "Any vulgar or obscene names will be disqualified."

To differentiate our contest, we've decided that only vulgar or obscene names are allowed. This is Miami after all.

Post your entries in the comment section. The winner will get the satisfaction of knowing he or she is better than whoever wins the Herald contest, and the pleasure of seeing your term used in future Riptide articles. We'll announce the top 5 on Friday, and then put them up for a public vote. 

Start thinking dirty!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.