Rick Scott's New Ad About Ground Zero Mosque, Which Is Nowhere Near Florida

Billionaire businessman Rick Scott has so much money to spend on TV ads in his self-funded quest to buy the governor's seat that it seems he has run out of issues that matter to Floridians. Now he's just buying airtime to apparently talk about any old thing on his mind -- well, any highly controversial thing that scores points with conservatives and scares people. Yes, he has an ad about that proposed mosque near Ground Zero -- which is in New York -- which is not Florida.

The Muslim Community Center is planned for a site more than 1,000 miles from Florida's governor's mansion, in a place called Manhattan (where, interestingly enough, 46 percent of residents support it and only 36 percent oppose it). So why is Rick Scott talking about it? Politicians have no right to decide where religious institutions should be erected on private land (this is a country built on religious freedom, is it not?), let alone politicians running for office that would have absolutely nothing to do with this issue anyway.

What Florida needs is a governor who understands and has solutions for Florida's issues. All Scott seems to do is stir up issues that divide people. Note to Scott: You're running for governor of Florida, not emperor of the Tea Party (Sarah Palin already has that job anyway).

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