Rick Scott is the Least Popular Newly Elected Governor in the Country

Rick Scott hasn't even taken office yet, but perhaps one of his first orders of business should be to get people to like him. Despite winning the election, not very many people actually like Scott. Only a third of Floridians view him favorably while a plurality views him unfavorably. In fact he's the most unpopular newly elected Gov in the country. Is it too early to call him a one-term Governor?

Here's the latest number from a poll today from Public Policy Polling (which, yes, aligns itself with Democrats):

He's still unpopular with 33% of voters seeing him favorably to 43% with a negative opinion but that's a little better than the day before he was elected when we found 54% of voters seeing him unfavorably to a pretty identical 34% with a favorable view. A lot of Democrats in particular have moved from the unfavorable to the 'not sure' column when it comes to their feelings about Scott, suggesting that they're at least giving him a chance. Still there is little doubt that he's the most unpopular newly elected Governor in the country and his election may have been the greatest testament anywhere to how down on Democrats voters were this year.
As Charlie Crist nears the end of his term, PPP finds that 50 percent of voters approve of his job handling. That's his highest approval rating this year. Though, numbers suggest that if Crist has any future in politics it's mostly with the Democratic party. Republicans still hate the guy.

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Kyle Munzenrieder