Rick Scott Has a Second Roof for His Mansion in Storage in Case of a Hurricane

Most Floridians prepare for hurricane season by stocking up on plywood and canned goods. Our millionaire governor, Rick Scott, has prepared by having a second roof for his Naples mansion placed in storage in case the original gets blown away. Out of touch much?

Scott spoke this weekend at the Governor's Hurricane Conference at the Broward County Convention Center and informed everyone about his second roof.

Apparently the Illinois native wasn't fully aware of the destructive forces of a hurricane when one hit his home in either 2004 or 2005 (he can't recall which) and his $9.2 million mansion lost about a third of the roofing tiles.

Informed that whatever fancy tile was used on the original roof was no longer in production, Scott, who is worth upward of $200 million, purchased enough tiles for a second roof and put them in storage.

How much did that cost? "Expensive," was all he said.

So just remember: Whenever this guy talks about drug-testing welfare recipients, cutting back unemployment benefits, and trying to slash public unions, it's coming from a man so rich that he has a second roof stashed in storage.

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