Rev. Terry Jones Faces Trial For Mosque Protest in Michigan

Rev. Terry Jones, perhaps Florida's most vile exporter of hate since Anita Bryant, is set to face trial over a planned protest near the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan. Apparently, encouraged by the response he got first from his threat to burn Korans and then actually carrying out such a burning, the Gainesville, Florida-based pastor has decided to take his anti-Muslim sideshow on the road but has run into a hitch over refusing to pay a "peace bond."

The Islamic Center of America is the largest mosque in America. Earlier this year a man was arrested and charged with terrorism after his plot to blow the mosque up was discovered. In short, it's the Mosque is no stranger to controversy but does little to provoke it.

Jones is apparently under the impression that the Mosque is somehow enforcing Sharia law in Dearborn. A quick review of reality reveals that Dearborn still follows American laws. Reality withstanding, Jones was planning to protest the mosque tomorrow.

Though, he's hit a bit of a snag. Wayne County prosecutors ordered that Jones must pay a "peace bond" in order to offset the cost of additional police at his protest. Jones would also be free to hold his protest in any of the county's designated "free speech" area.

Jones other options was to submit to a trial. He took that option, and jury selection is currently underway to reach a decision before the planned start of the protest tomorrow.

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