Republican Sen. Alex Villalobos Endorses Alex Sink for Governor

State Sen. Alex Villalobos, the former Republican majority leader of the Senate, has looked at the top of the Republican ticket in Florida this year and he doesn't like what he sees. He's already endorsed independent Charlie Crist in the Senate race and democrat Dan Gelber in the Attorney General race. Now the Miami politician is completely crossing party lines by endorsing Democrat Alex Sink for Governor. Why is Villalobos endorsing his party's opponents in the three most important races? 

After nearly 18 years in Tallahassee, Villalobos is finally leaving do to term limits and apparently isn't afraid to burn bridges on the way out the door. He stood up against the Jeb Bush-backed education plan, which forever put him on the outs in certain circles of the GOP. Hell, the guy was in line to be Senate President. Instead the establishment GOP backed Frank Bolaños in a close 2006 primary challenge.

Villalobos endorsements are more than just middle fingers to the GOP, though. His moderate brand of Republicanism is more in line with Crist's politics than Rubio's. He once worked at the same law firm as Gelber, and both are long-time members of the legislature from Miami-Dade.

Taken with Crist's decision to buck the GOP to run as an independent, and conservative Rick Scott's successful tactic of running to the right of Bill McCollum in the primary, Villalobos' plight over the past few years is indicative of the fact that even in a purple state like Florida, the GOP seems to have little use for moderates these days. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder